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Exclusive Luxury Lifestyle Furniture from Portugal.

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Our Furniture is Exclusive & Unique


From lavish Corner Couches to the most exquisite Lifestyle Furniture; you're guaranteed to find something that will suit your needs at Galeria.

TV Stands:

Sleek, Exclusive & Designer plasma TV stands that will compliment any style of interior decor to add that special touch of elegance.

Dining Room:

At Galeria, you'll find a unique range of Dining Room Furniture, from dining sets with Glass Top Tables to Stylish Sideboards and a variety of Mirrors.


Gorgeous King Sized Bedroom Sets with pedestals or a Unique Headboard for a single bed; Galeria has the best combination of style and comfort.

Kids’ Furniture:

A variety of chic and intricate designs of slide-out bunk beds that save space & other smart wooden furniture for a modern look in children's bedrooms.

Coffee Tables:

If you need a Coffee Table that will be the centerpiece of your living area, visit Galeria, the home of futuristic lifestyle furniture for everyone to appreciate.


We stock bed lamps & elaborate chandeliers to crown the favorite room in your home; we provide lighting that resembles beautiful works of functional art.


To compliment your home decor, we have Wall clocks, Vases, Candle Holders, Carpets, Shelves, Decorative Cushions, Ottomans & more.

Our Products Are:

  • Exclusively Designed
  • of the Finest Quality
  • Contemporary &
  • Sophisticated

We provide a variety of Lifestyle Furniture made from only the finest materials. Our designers incorporate the latest techniques in furniture manufacture to ensure the ultimate satisfaction for our end users.

Service With A Touch Of Style

Our team of dedicated staff are all experts with what they do and pays close attention to detail. Selling Lifestyle Furniture is what we do best and we could turn your house into a modish home with lavish corner couches, fashionable wooden furniture, and exclusive beds fit for kings.

The Best of the Best

You will also need a unique coffee table to serve as a centrepiece of art in your living room. Galeria hand-picks the most fashionable and latest designs of intricate coffee tables that will add an extra touch of class to any interior décor.

Our dining tables and sideboards are equally unique with Italian style chairs and glass table tops for that touch of style, turning a regular dining room into a fashionable area filled with lifestyle furniture that turns heads. The dining tables and chairs that we stock are made from the best materials and will be very well complimented by our unique sideboards.

For the bedroom, the bed bases and headboards are somehow transformed from the usual designs you’d expect when you think about a mere bed. At Galeria, you can choose from a wide variety of intricate bed designs that will transform your bedroom entirely.

You can go from sleek decorative elements in your room, to unimaginable designs for beds that resembles something from the future. Innovative styles that takes the usual designs for beds to the next level. Galeria stocks a variety of beds for every style, depending on your preferences; headboards don’t have to be standard, they can be eccentric and expressive pieces of art.

There are very few places that sell lifestyle furniture like here at Galeria; all the designs are above average and more than just another piece of furniture. Futuristic thinking and out of the box creativity results in furniture designs that stands out above the rest.

If you need to upgrade your interior décor, we can turn your home into a glamourous haven with anything from intricate and comfortable corner couches that play soft music for a lovely ambiance in your lounge, to other intelligent designs of lifestyle furniture like futuristic plasma TV stands, dining room furniture and more, come to Galeria today, where exquisite furniture lives.

For all your Antarte and Lourini lifestyle furniture and corner couches requirements in Polokwane, Limpopo, Maputo, Swaziland, Mpumalanga, Johannesburg and Pretoria- contact us

Innovation is What We Stand For
lifestyle furniture
Why Choose Us?


Lifestyle Furniture is not only a luxury in your home, it’s a way of living. We spend so much of our time at work or out on the road that we want to appreciate time spent at home. More so, we want to be surrounded by beautiful, quality furniture that reflects on your personal style as well.

It’s hard to come by a unique lounge suite that is comfortable, yet practical as well. Here at Galeria, we only sell furniture designed by skilled engineers who use the latest technology and manufacturing techniques. Each couch, sofa or lounger is branded with the authentic label that shows which company manufactured them.

We go above and beyond to find the most impressive sleeper couches and lounge suites with functions that make your life easier – built in speakers; cradles for iPods; small fridges for refreshments. We won’t even mention the comfortable corner couches with day beds or the lazy boys that are so comfortable, you’ll never want to get back up again.

To match the exquisite lounge suites, we have in our showrooms, Galeria also sells state of the art plasma tv stands that come in various contemporary and classy designs with practical storage space incorporated into the stylish look.