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GALERIA Sources Only the Highest Quality Bedroom, Lounge & Dining Room Furniture from Europe's Award Winning Furniture Manufacturers

Antarte approaches interior design concepts that takes into consideration the latest fashion as well as merging the designs of the products with the highest quality materials and sensibility. Their designs include anything from sofas and dining room furniture with vintage elements to the most contemporary beds or even unique bookcase styles.

With Antarte’s leading furniture trends and exquisite interior decorating since 1999, this brand from Portugal is one of the largest furniture producers. Established as a modern-day and highly competitive brand that has true lifestyle furniture, Antarte ensures that they remain ahead of the other suppliers by always manufacturing the foremost designs and trends in furniture.

They have their own plant in Portugal where all the bedroom, lounge and dining room furniture is exclusively manufactured after the designing experts have created the original furniture we have come to expect from Antarte. Elegance, comfort and quality are their core values and each piece of furniture is branded to illustrate this in their extensive range of collections.

A team of dynamic thinking designers are dedicated to combining tasteful and technologically advanced features into furniture. They exceed the usual expectations regarding furniture by inventing things like corner couches with a built-in bluetooth sound systems and revolving plasma TV stands They are devoted to keeping our customers surprised with innovative and quality designs.

Antarte is present in Madeira and Portugal’s mainland where they have thirteen spaces nationally and, at least, six global markets. They produce and distribute their furniture with only their customer’s lifestyle in mind. Just like them, Galeria’s commitment to provide the leading products in the furniture industry is evident in our client services.

Lourini is another leading furniture manufacturer with a different approach to style but an equally reputable name when it comes to innovation and comfort. They create an environment where you can experience all the emotions that go with relaxation and comfort. Also from Portugal, which automatically ranks them as leaders in furniture manufacture.

They are prominent in internationally renowned furniture markets due to the fact that the reputation of furniture from Portugal is increasing in credibility as great quality and luxury. Lourini furniture has spread to over 30 countries globally.

With their client’s well-being in mind, Lourini designers has won the loyalty of their clients by creating comfortable, durable and functional furniture at truly competitive prices. Their experience exceeds 35 years and a great reputation among customers that has made them leaders in the Portuguese furniture market. Their past success has only grown and enables them to design lifestyle furniture with innovation and flair.

Lourini designers strive to transform the usual living space into an area where you can spend quality time with your friends and family on state of the art couches with elegant plasma TV stands They also design corner couches that incorporate technology like built-in bluetooth sound systems or mini bars to give you and your guests the ultimate relaxing and entertaining experience.

Some of the more demanding and challenging requests for innovative furniture in Europe are met by Lourini though their complete focus on the latest trends and technology. More than 1200 equally dedicated employees make up a specialized team in a very contemporary manufacturing complex that is Lourini. These people live to enhance your living conditions, inspired by creating the most alluring environments for you in your home.

As a company that originated in Portugal and expanded in Europe, Lourini has now grown to export furniture worldwide. A success story of Lourini products is marked by their superior quality, extreme comfort, total innovation and very handsome prices. They have specialized catalogues that include various kinds of furniture and mattresses for specific markets.

You’ll find a wide variety of lifestyle furniture from Lourini, as well as Antarte in Galeria’s showrooms, combining specific tastes for our client’s convenience. We import them, so you won’t have to. For the best choice of corner couches, dining room furniture or even plasma TV Stands, visit us today and find your piece of heaven on earth.


Focusing on the highest quality unique lifestyle furniture is what sets our exclusive designs apart from other furniture. Each piece is an extension of your personality and reflects your own personal taste. Our furniture is unique and can be custom made to suit each client's individual taste. Importing the latest lifestyle furniture is what we do best, turning your home into a haven.

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, when one often would like to spend more time in your home, or castle, there is a need for comfortable and stylish lounge & dining room furniture to help you unwind & relax. We work with leading designers in Portugal and source the latest materials to provide you with an outstanding range of furniture and Plasma TV Stands Our methods & techniques in furniture manufacture and design are state of the art, so that you, our customer and the end user, gets the most benefit from our furniture range.

Our dining room furniture is designed to make you enjoy your leisure time, whether you are relaxing with family or entertaining friends. We know how important it is to make the most out of life. Don’t waste time and money on second best when you can enjoy the most luxurious and latest furniture designs. If you are looking for the most exquisite furniture, beds or sleeper couches alike, we incomparable quality and extreme comfort, so choose Galeria.

Be sure to contact us regarding your lifestyle dining room furniture and all plasma TV stands requirements.

We hope you’ll enjoy our Bedroom, Lounge & Dining Room Furniture as much as we enjoy designing them!