Coffee Tables

Coffee tables: create a center point for the living room

Coffee tables, couches, and sofas are all pieces that can be added to a living room to give it that homely feeling with a touch of exclusivity. Whether you are using the coffee table to serve horderves while socialising with guests or if you need a table to give your ornaments a place of honour, coffee tables are the must have modern furniture for every home. Your lounge will be incomplete without including a unique table to enhance your modern home decor.

At Galeria, the coffee tables are created by the finest craftsmen who have a real passion for the luxury furniture that they spend their days making. Each table manufactured is given the finest attention, with every curve and angle deliberately created with care. Designed for usability with timeless elegance in mind, our coffee tables will fit in with any modern furniture you choose to have. Rectangular coffee tables are our best sellers. The shape of these tables allows for more space within the room along with the enough storage space for your magazines, books and ornaments. Each of the modern coffee tables is handpicked by Galeria adhering to the high standard of furniture included on our shop floor.

Small coffee tables are fantastic when you don’t have space to waste or should you be more of a minimalist. Small coffee tables come in unique designs and they are manufactured to the same high standards as the other coffee tables that we have available.

Galeria has a number of lounge suites which include a coffee table. Matching sets help with creating the right atmosphere that you want to achieve within your lounge. The Paris Living Room and the Viena Lounge Set are two of the living room new age furniture sets available which include the matching coffee table. Each piece is crafted using quality, long lasting materials guaranteeing that you have furniture to last a lifetime. While these sets include the coffee table, TV stand and matching shelving it does not include couches and chairs.

Wood coffee tables

Wood is elegant and sleek, giving it that timeless quality that you really want when buying modern furniture. Wood also matches with any style and any colours, so whenever you decide to change the colour scheme of your lounge, you will not have to worry about buying new furniture or reupholstering it. Quality materials such as wood are versatile and durable, they can withstand the continuous use that they will be subjected to. Wood and metal tables can also be paired with glass or acrylic which gives the table a more modern, stylish appearance. Glass tables are easy to maintain and keep clean, while they remain timelessly beautiful.

Choosing the right style

Because there are many styles of coffee tables available, you need to know how to choose the right style for your needs and your personal tastes. Coffee tables that have lift tops, drawers and other places to store your items, are wonderful ways to either hide away those things that you’d rather not display or to create extra space in your home. These ottoman style tables are currently on display in the Galeria showroom. When selecting your coffee table keep in mind that this is one piece of contemporary furniture that is going to become a focal point within your home.

Galeria has the modern lifestyle furniture to give your home that stylish touch of elegance. Come and see the items on display in our showroom or shop online. We are also importers of the much celebrated Lourini and Antarte Portuguese furniture.


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