Contemporary Couches: Recline in the luxury of lifestyle furniture

What is a home without a couch? Comfortable, contemporary couches are inviting to weary bodies while they are also welcoming to guests, offering them a relaxing place to sit. Couches are available in many different shapes and sizes, allowing everyone to find that option which is best for them. Contemporary couches are also known as sofas and they are manufactured using different materials and fabrics. Contemporary, designer couches help to create an air of exclusivity and a certain ambience in any lounge or living room space. And they are undeniably the ultimate piece of retro furniture for relaxation.  Because you will be spending plenty of time on your couch you want to buy the most comfortable piece.

Galeria stocks stylish corner couches, 2 and 4 seater sofas, sleeper couches and lazy boy chairs. Each sofa has been carefully selected, with the craftsmanship and look of the item being carefully considered before the item is chosen. We put lots of consideration into each of the furnishings on our showroom floor. Some of the couches have been crafted by overseas designers, adding that extra air of exclusivity.

When you are selecting a couch, there are a few things that you are going to have to consider. The biggest consideration that you will need to make is how big you will need the couch to be. Your sofa needs to have enough space for everyone to sit comfortably on. Usually, the biggest size is a 3 seater, so if you have a big family you might need to consider more comfortable seating. You will then need to consider the space that you have available in your lounge. Fitting an inappropriately sized sofa into your lounge could disrupt the atmosphere of your lounge. The final thing to consider is the purpose of your contemporary couch. Sleeper couches are ideal for when you have guests staying over. These couches are just as comfortable for seating as they are for sleeping.

While the lounge might be a big room, it can be so easily crowded with bulky furniture. The couch will normally be placed up next to the walls of the room to free up space, something that is very necessary when the room is smaller.

Couches with exclusive fabrics

The fabric you choose to have on your couch is important. The fabric is what gives the couch its aesthetic beauty, and it is the first thing to catch your eye when looking at any lounge furniture. The fabric of a couch is what will create that first impression. Contemporary couches and sofas are available in a variety of different types of fabric and different colours. Selecting the right colour will mean considering the colour of your room. When considering fabrics you will also need to think about the functionality of the fabric, something that is especially important if you have pets and children. The modern sofa is available in leather, protecting the inner materials from dirt and damage.

Galeria has a wide selection of the most exclusive modern sofas and couches. Some of the famous couches we have included in our selection are the Damian 2 and 3 seater eco-leather, California U – shape sofa, the exclusive Dubai 2and 3 seater sofa, the Londres corner sofa with Ottoman and the Madrid corner sofa with Bluetooth access and a docking sound system with the woofer. Each piece that you purchase from Galeria is a quality addition to your home’s furnishings.

Galeria has the modern furniture for your home. Along with contemporary couches, sofas, and chairs, we also have a selection of the finest modern furniture for the rest of the house. Visit us and start planning the home you deserve to have. Looking for something a little more exclusive? Our Lourini and Antarte ranges (stylish Portuguese furniture exclusive to modern furniture stores) are just what you are looking for.


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  • 10001_Editextra_IIIremote_control_compartment

    California U-Shape Corner Sofa


    Single seat sofa available for R17 999

  • dennis_armchairdennis_two_tone_front_view

    Dennis armchair

  • dennis_white_armchairdennis_white_armchair

    Dennis armchair

  • galeria
  • front_viewaback_view_w_speakers
  • lifestyle_furniture
  • Lady Puff

  • londres_chaiseamb_mesas_pau_santo
  • lucho_sleeperlucho_sleeper_couch_dimensions
  • luna_sofa_fox_brownimg_7240

    Luna Sofa with Chaise

    R23,499.00 R19,999.00
  • matthew_sofa_w_chaisegaleria
  • megan_3_seater_sofa_setmegan_3_seater_sofa
  • P1020650_IIP1020651_II
  • olivia_sofa_seater

    Oliva Sofa Set


    Single Sofa available for R7499

  • peter_puff

    Peter Puff

  • prestige_seater_sofa

    Prestige Sofa

  • Rhino Puff

  • full_size_renderP1020690_II
  • vicent_front_viewside_view_w_speakers
  • 1020634vicent_bluetooth_sound _sytem

    Vincent Corner with chaise


    includes sound system

  • white_vincent_shapevicent_bluetooth_sound _sytem