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Modern dining room furniture: Ease and relaxation for fine dining

Dining room chairs, modern dining room tables and all of the must-have accessories are needed to complete the dining room space. Creating the kind of ambiance that is necessary when you want to comfortably host dinner guests and enjoy family meals in style is an important part of your lifestyle. Modern dining room furniture is a must for every home and the very best lifestyle furniture for your dining room is available from Galeria.

Whether you are looking to create a rustic, family feeling in your dining room or if you are aiming for that sleek modern look, dining room furniture in our showroom can be used to create the dining room of your dreams. The furniture we have is suitable for all tastes, and for all spaces, giving you plenty of options.

Chairs and modern dining tables can be bought separately or they can be bought as a matching set. The furnishings that we have available are unique and you will not find them in any kind of furniture warehouse. Imported furniture created by passionate crafters has resulted in some of the most talked about items, and now you can fill your home with some of these gorgeous designs.

Dining room tables

Decorating your home in the style that you want is part of creating a home that is a reflection of who you are. Just like the coffee table can so easily become the centrepiece of your lounge, the modern dining table is the focal point of your dining room or kitchen. It is that one piece that will make the room complete and homely. Regardless of your preferences in style, you will certainly find that ideal table at Galeria. The glass dining table with mirror by Baia, the dining table in oak finish by Baia, the Baia dining table in oak and glass top, the vintage glass dining table, and the Baviera dining room are just a few selections of exquisite furniture currently on our showroom floor. Some of our modern dining room furniture is available in a set, with the modern dining table and chairs sold as one.

Dining room chairs

Designed in an array of beautiful colours and upholstered with the finest materials, dining room chairs from Galeria will become a part of your homes most talked about pieces of furniture. Dining room chairs complete the dining room furniture set and with the right colour scheme they will become a stylish part of your room. Dining room chairs are created to be comfortable as much as they are designed to be stylish. These chairs can also be used in the kitchen should you not have a dining room. Kitchen tables and chairs of the very best quality are currently displayed on the Galeria showroom floor.

Other dining room furniture to include

Galeria keeps every furnishing designed for the exclusive use in the modern dining room. The Baia Wengue bar cabinet, the Louceiro Baia Carvalho or Baia dining room cabinet in oak, the all-white Baia sideboard with LED’s, the Aia dining sideboard with LED’s, the Dubai 4 door sideboard cabinet and the imported Londres sideboard, are some of the additional dining room furniture items that you can buy from Galeria.

Our modern furniture store stocks imported furniture from Portugal; statement pieces that will become timeless heirlooms. Each handpicked modern dining table and chair sets offer you a selection of quality products made from the strongest materials. Galeria also keeps a range of lounge and bedroom furniture as well as a number of unique lighting options.


Chairs: Diversify your seating with elegant new age furniture

Elegant dining room chairs, comfortable sitting room chairs and plush swivel chairs, Galeria has the finest selection. Our modern chairs are designed to bring any room together while also providing comfortable seating. Upholstered with the high quality, lush fabrics, each chair available from Galeria is going to be a stunning addition to your home.

The chairs for sale from Galeria include some of the best brands in the country. Pairing these chairs with the other modern furniture crafted by the same companies allows you to create that elegant vibe that your home simply needs. Currently, we have these chairs available: the Oporto upholstered leather dining chair, armchair leather, and wood, Baviera dining room, Dubai dining chair, and the Geneve upholstered chair in leather. You will rest in luxurious comfort when you have any of these chairs in your home.

Dining room chairs

Fancy furniture truly becomes pure luxury when you choose the right dining room chairs. Not only will they add to the décor of the room but they also make meal times a relaxing pleasure. Making space for everyone around your dining room table allows guests to feel welcome in your home. A beautifully furnished dining room will make every meal memorable.

When furnishing your dining room first consider what materials you prefer the look of. Wood is an immensely popular choice for its timeless beauty but metal is just as popular with its clean, sleek finish. The dining room chairs from Galeria are wrapped in designer fabrics, improving the comfort of the furniture while also giving you the opportunity to select the colour to match your dining room. Consider who will be using the chairs the most as a way to determine which materials you need. Galeria also offers dining room table and chair sets. This is a wonderful way to ensure that your kitchen chairs match your modern dining room table so you will not have to worry about finding that matching table. Consider the feel that you want to get from your dining room. Are you aiming for a modern feel or are you going for a more traditional approach?

Remember that you want dining room chairs that are both incredibly stylish and comfortable to sit on while fitting in beautifully with your modern home décor.

Modern armchairs and recliners

Home is where we retreat for comfort and you shouldn’t opt for anything less than modern armchairs and recliners. Whether you are using your armchairs to relax in front of the TV or as a part of your living room set, you need to select contemporary furniture that suits your home’s décor. The look of your armchairs and recliners is important as they need to match in with the rest of your furniture. When you are filling your home with the unique, stylish pieces available from Galeria, you will always have modern, high-quality fancy furniture. Our armchairs and recliners are crafted from the very best materials and fabrics, taking away your worries about the quality of the furnishings you are buying. Each of our showroom pieces are carefully selected so that you have only the very best options.

Modern office furniture

Spending 8 hours a day at your office means you should be spoiling yourself with exceptional office furniture. Why not spoil yourself with an office chair from our showroom? Our modern office furniture selection is stylish and comfortable. Make the best first impression with your clientele by furnishing your office with luxury furniture.

Galeria has searched far and wide, finding the most elegant styles of luxury furniture for your home. Allow us to assist you in creating the home you have always wanted. We also import the elegant Portuguese Antarte and Lourini furniture.



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