Lighting: Create a meaningful ambiance 

Creating that perfect atmosphere in any room of your home is given a final touch when you have the right kind of lighting. Chandeliers, lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights, LED lighting and even the light fittings are all types of modern lighting that helps to really make a house a home. Your furnishings are important and lighting gives a home that most delicate finishing touch. Lighting should be carefully selected, with the layout and size of your rooms being taken into consideration. Galeria not only offers modern, exclusive lifestyle furniture but we also offer a range of lighting options.

Deciding which types of lighting you should invest in is part of the creative journey that you will take when decorating your home in a way that will best suit your style and your tastes. There is no set standard when it comes to selecting your lighting and a mixture of different styles can be used throughout the home. Chandeliers for the dining room, hanging elegantly and majestically over your dining room table, lamp lighting in your lounge and bedroom to create that soft relaxed atmosphere, and ceiling lighting in your kitchen contributing to the sleek and clean look of a modern kitchen, your options are endless. The choice lies in your tastes when selecting lighting, and Galeria is going to help you select the right options for your home.

Chandeliers for elegant lighting

Chandelier lighting turns any room into one that exudes elegance and complete grace. The chandelier is a timeless classic form of lighting and with crystal and gold plated chandelier lighting available from Galeria, your home will become your palace. Chandeliers can be placed in any room, with even the kitchen being given a creative spin when being lit by a chandelier. Galeria is all about the exclusivity that you can bring to your home using the right furniture and lighting. With our selection of chandeliers, you are sure to achieve elegance and wow any guests. Some of our finest chandelier lighting options include the “Campainhas” Chandelier (Little Bells) available in Crystal with 24 Carat Gold Plating, the Real Crystal Gold Plated Chandelier, and the Jellyfish Crystal Chandelier with 24 Carat Gold Plating. Add a royal sparkle to your home with a chandelier.

Lamps for soft lighting

The lamp is still a wonderful addition to your homes lighting even if you already have ceiling lights in place. Toning down the brightness of overhead lighting, lamps in bedrooms and lounges brings a certain soft quality into the home. This lighting style in the home is ideal when you are looking to set a mood of relaxation or even intimacy. The “Jarra” Lamp Fleece Lampshade, the “Line Boy” Lamps, Candibambu and the stylish “Project” Ceiling Lamp by Antarte, are some of our most stylish and elegant lamps. If you are looking to be creative with your lamp lighting then the Wall Mounted Tree Lamp and our selection of “Running Man” Lamps are sure to capture your attention. Lamps are not just for side tables. Change the way you introduce lamp lights by purchasing the Bottle Floor Lamp, the Dlno Ceiling Lamp or the Icy Ceiling Lamp.

Galeria has more lighting options than your average modern furniture stores. We also have ceiling lighting and wall lighting available. You can live in the home of your dreams when you choose to fill your home with exclusive furniture and lighting. Along with our lighting selection, we also have lounge furniture, bedroom furniture, and dining room furniture.


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